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Runme with Fresh App on Deno Cloud

The first example is in the fresh folder and sets up a fresh service with deno. You can manually check out this example by opening it with Runme.

Local Environment

Runme makes setting up your local environment a breeze! Here, you can see a few install scripts that will set everything up:

Runme Local Environment

In a future version of Runme, we plan on only showing installers relevant to your current operating system/environment. Stay tuned!

Environment Variables

Runme can also be used to establish local environment variables for the current session.

establish environmental variables in vs code

Environment variable support in Runme is currently a work in progress. We have a lot planned for supporting the environment/secrets in the future, so stay tuned!


For a deploy script, such as the one below, running as a Background task is a great idea, since it is a long-running script.

deploy script in vs code