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Document-level Options

Runme does not just retain frontmatter, it supports top-level settings that will affect all cells in the document.

Set custom shell

Runme will default to the system's default shell unless specified in the frontmatter. Both relative (be sure shell is included in $PATH) and absolute paths work. This is useful when notebooks are being shared amongst users with different shell setups.

shell: bash
# or
shell: zsh
# or
shell: /bin/ksh

Current working directory

It is not unusual to store docs in a, e.g. docs/ sub-directory. It's often times implied that commands need running from the base directory. To reliably execute commands in this case it's handy to set explicitly set a working directory in the frontmatter.

# relative for file inside of `docs/`
cwd: ..
# absolute works too, however, less commonplace
cwd: /tmp