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Auto-Save feature

The Auto-Save feature in Runme provides a seamless and efficient way to ensure your work is continuously saved without manual intervention. This feature is handy in scenarios where consistent data preservation is crucial.

How to Enable Auto-Save

  1. Access Extension Settings: Begin by navigating to the extension settings in the Runme interface. This is typically found in the toolbar or under a settings menu.


  1. Toggle Auto-Save On/Off: You have the flexibility to quickly turn the Auto-Save feature on or off. This can be done directly from the top of your Markdown (.md) file. A simple toggle switch allows for easy control, ensuring that you can activate or deactivate Auto-Save as per your workflow requirements.


(Optional) Activate Auto-Save as a default: Within the settings, you will find an option for Auto-Save. Click on “Yes” to enable this feature as a default. This action configures the system to automatically save the output of each cell execution.


Storage and Accessibility

  • Cloud Storage: All auto-saved content is securely stored in a dedicated cell on the Runme Cloud. This ensures that your data is not only saved in real-time but is also accessible from any location, provided you have internet access.
  • Data Integrity and Security: The Auto-Save feature is designed with data integrity and security in mind. Your work is saved in a consistent state, reducing the risk of data loss due to unexpected interruptions.