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Previously, you learned the basic editing tools for creating and editing README files.

In this guide, you'll be exposed to a few examples of usages for Runme. Hopefully, this helps inspire you to use Runme in interesting and useful ways!


Go ahead and clone the stateful/vscode-runme repo:

git clone

These examples are from the examples sub-folder!

Fresh App on Deno Cloud

The first example is in the fresh folder and sets up a fresh service with deno.

Local Environment

Runme makes setting up your local environment a breeze! Here, you can see a few install scripts that will set everything up:

Runme Local Environment


In a future version of Runme, we plan on only showing installers relevant to your current operating system/environment. Stay tuned!

Environment Variables

Runme can also be used to establish local environment variables for the current session.

establish environmental variables in vs code


Environment variable support in Runme is currently a work in progress. We have a lot planned for supporting the environment/secrets in the future, so stay tuned!


For a deploy script, such as the one below, running as a Background task is a great idea, since it is a long-running script.

deploy script in vs code

Next.js App on Vercel

This example can be found in the vercel sub-folder.


Similar to the last example, we can do our setup, starting, and opening of the web browser using Runme:

setup environment in vs code


In a future version of Runme, we'd like to support "execution groups," so that you can execute all of the above scripts in one go!


Interactive terminals are perfect for providing a CLI login to the user:

deploy application in vercel

List Projects

Remember, cells can capture the output of commands in non-interactive mode!

In this case, this can be used to get a list of the user's current registered projects with the Vercel platform.

list projects in vercel

run hello world in vs code


So what if you want to have both interactivity and stay within the notebook? - Making this work with VS Code is a challenge. We are currently working on a solution to this limitation. Stay tuned!